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The creative neuron activity.

So this is the begining. It all starts with a thought, a spark, a dream or even a nightmare. Then there's the neuron chain reaction. It quickly evolves into something we can relate to. Whether it's our past, reflections of our present, or something could only happen in our wildest dreams, it inspires us. Yes, we're dreamers. We dream our life, our world and our future. We like to make that dream comes alive. Dreams come by and go away quickly, we caputure them by any means we can find, words, pictures, diagrams, objects, sound waves or even a scent. They're our fountain of inspiration. They're the beginning of everything we do.

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Writing, improv and concepts.

We have our spark, dream and nightmare. They're calling us to have it developed into a narrative form. The creative writing starts. This is the foundation of everything we'll be building on. We do the research, we do the soul searching, we introspect. We immerce our thoughts in this universe. We then transform them into our imaginations. We conceptualize our imaginations and how they are put together to tell a story. During that process we explore visual style, shot size and continuity. Large chunks of work involves in casting, location scout, auditions and production design. Detailed work involves storyboards, photoboards, concept art for visual style, costume/make up sketches, etc.

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From shot lists to pictures

We like to think this is the stage where we start to see some of our wildest dreams come alive. Production is where we excute the plans we put together in the pre-production stage. All the preparation has been made, and well made. Locations have been primed, shot lists are ready and actors are all set to go. This is also the mement where we hold our breath to see how our dreams unfold. When we get a perfect take from our talent and our DP captures every moment of that beautifully, we know all that development and pre-production work has paid off. However, our film making doesn't stop there. Here comes the remaining 40% of the work: post production.

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Make that diamond out of the rough

Just like Pre-production, Post Production is about refining a rough concept. Afterall, this is where we make or break a film. All that sparks, dreams, vision we had in Developement and Pre-Production stages will be realized right here. All the missing pieces will finally come together here. This where make the rough cut, and the final cut of the film. This is where we hand off our gem stones to our world class craftsmen to make a diamond out of the rough. This is where we have our artists make your six senses thump. Film making is an endless creative process. Our film making process doesn't stop here, we reflect, relate, reposition and repeat.

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