Then and now(could be)

By Shaun

8:48 pm September 28th, 2014

Filed under Concept Art

济南老站的过去和想象中的现在。In 1912, a young German named Hermann Fischer designed an iconic neo-Gothic train station in the far east: the Jinan old station. After serving generations of travelers, it finally met it’s destiny in 1992: to be replaced by a much larger and more modern station for the rapid expansion of the CRH network. A “what if” scenario was on my mind. Originally intended to be a speed painting, it quickly developed into an intimate journey to the past. Winter 1937, devils at the gates, the last train to leave the city and last few sales for a cigarette boy. Born on the station, a place the orphan boy called home. He was my Hugo who unfortunately had to face a much less fairy tale like reality. What’s the one liner story here? A light hearted urban redemption of a workaholic single father and an estranged teenage son, or a WKW-esque brown-noir tale of the survival of a delicate human spirit when the world is about to burn? Supply your own caption. Photoshop CS6 and Cintiq 22HD Touch.


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