New scene for “T-Minus”

By Shaun

March 21st, 2011

Just received a new shot from the VFX team in China. The CGI space background has been added. Still needs grading on the space. It’s looking pretty good now :)

CYC fundraising gala screening

By Shaun

March 11th, 2011

“Coming Up” short film was screened at the annual CYC fundraising gala last night in San Francisco. It was a fun event. It’s the first time we had that many viewers for this 2 month project. The film was well received. It’s not perfect because we still need some pick-ups for the film, but it’s a great achievement for everyone who involved in this project. We’re going to schedule a weekend of pick-ups to get all the missing pieces in the film. Then we can submit to film festivals. Here’s a CYC gala photo of “Coming Up” crew, film editor Jesse Kerman, screenwriter Christine Lee, and director Shaun Au.


A quick title

By Shaun

March 4th, 2011

“Coming Up” is due for a debut on March 10 at a fund raising event organized by Community Youth Center. We need a simple film title for the film. So here’s a quick design. Ideally, we’d like to shoot this title in live action. It would be cool if we have one of the bball kids spray paint the title on the wall, then picks up the ball and dribbles away.