CYC fundraising gala screening

By Shaun

March 11th, 2011

“Coming Up” short film was screened at the annual CYC fundraising gala last night in San Francisco. It was a fun event. It’s the first time we had that many viewers for this 2 month project. The film was well received. It’s not perfect because we still need some pick-ups for the film, but it’s a great achievement for everyone who involved in this project. We’re going to schedule a weekend of pick-ups to get all the missing pieces in the film. Then we can submit to film festivals. Here’s a CYC gala photo of “Coming Up” crew, film editor Jesse Kerman, screenwriter Christine Lee, and director Shaun Au.


DOV film school

By Shaun

June 4th, 2010

I’ll be attending the Dov 2-day film school in San Francisco from June 19 to 20. I’ve heard about this film making crash course for a while now. The reviews on it have been mixed. There’re a large number of people who have attended raved about it, and there’s equal number of people think it’s a wast of money. They think it’s better just to learn by books or online discussion. For me, I’ve read a lot of film books, read even more online and are doing it. So maybe it’s time to recharge a little with a new approach: seminar/crash course. I believe all these different approaches make you a better film maker, there’s no one magic bullet.

dov 2 day film school

WFF film fests coming up

By Shaun

April 12th, 2010

WFF will be heading to the 2010 Rochester International Film Fest and Kent International Film Fest in about two weeks. It’s an exciting time for WFF. The previous project is getting recognitions and we’re busy in working on something new and cool.

The RIFF will be held at held April 22-24, 2010 at the Dryden Theatre at The George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film, in Rochester, NY. We’ll be there in the evening of 4/22 to receive the distinctive Shoestring Trophy. So stop by and say hello. Check out the schedule here.

The KIFF will be held on the weekend of 4/23. Our short film “TICKET” will be shown on Sat, 4/24 at 11:30am at the Kent Community House. Check out the schedule here. We’ll be in Kent for the TICKET screening. See you there!